How to Hire an SEO Expert

When you’ve decided that you need some help with your SEO, there are many SEO experts out there to choose from. But how do you know who to hire that makes the right fit for your business? Follow these tips to ensure you hire the right SEO expert that will best meet your needs.

Establish What SEO Goals You Want to Achieve

Start your search by sitting down and deciding what SEO goals you want to achieve. Your goals should be specific and not general so instead of saying I just want more traffic you should establish that you want traffic from these specific groups. Establish a group of specific goals and jot them down because you’ll need to refer to them later.

Find a Small Group of SEOs to Consider

Once you’ve got your goals established, assemble a list of three to five SEO consultants or agencies. You can ask people you know for some recommendations or search for SEOs online.

It’s up to you whether you go with a local SEO you can meet in person or not. Maybe you’ll find an SEO located outside your area/region that better fits your budget rather than a local one. That’s your choice.

Ask the Right Questions

Now it’s time to contact each SEO on your list. Take the time to explain what your goals are. Then ask the SEO what processes they would use to meet your specific goals and why they’d use those processes.

You should also ask what reporting process they use and how often they report. Ask them what metrics they report on and what they need you to collect. The point of asking these questions is to be sure the metrics they use align with your goals.

Read Case Studies

The best SEOs have case studies available for prospective clients to read so be sure to ask for them. When looking through case studies, keep an eye out for comments from previous clients. Do they mention things like ROI or how the SEO made a positive impact on their ROI? A capable SEO will have worked with companies in various business growth stages and not just newly-started businesses.

Make Your Final Pick

Once you’ve had a conversation with the SEOs on your list, it’s time to choose one to work with. Use this set of criteria when deciding on which SEO to use:

Trustworthiness: Choose the SEO that you feel is the most trustworthy. Maybe there’s one with lots of amazing references that stands out from the others or an SEO that people in your network highly recommend.

Communication: Since you’ll probably be establishing a long-term working relationship with your SEO, you’ve got to find one that matches your style of communication. Think back to the conversions you had with the SEOs on your list. Which one communicated very well and didn’t leave you feeling frustrated when the conversation was over?

Pricing & Contract Transparency: Make sure the SEO you choose offers the services you need at a cost that fits your budget. You certainly don’t want any surprises when it comes to cost or the details of your contract. A good SEO is an honest SEO that’s fully transparent about these important issues.