Newsparrot V5
Newsparrot is a newsreader, programed in microsoft java. It was developed to provide access to the thousands of open newsservers on Usenet. This newsreader also includes options for finding more newsservers by examining message headers, or by importing the newsservers from websites on the web.

Once you have imported some newsservers, you can simply search them for newsgroups and let the program check the news-servers for each newsgroup. To complete the task, you can explore the headers within the program or use a default newsreader. This multi-threaded program also generates a list of tested newsservers, which can then be saved.

Newsparrot V4

Newsparrot V4 Is a usenet tool which imports Open Server addresses from web sites which supply these addresses. This enables a search for a specific newsgroup on your list of Open servers producing a list of servers with the group, its details, and the number of articles held in the newsgroup and whether it accepts non-member postings.

These results can then be saved as .html for inclusion in a web site On selecting a specific newsgroup of interest the program will instruct your default news reader to connect direct to the requested server and begin importing the selected newsgroup's article headers.