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Free News Websites in the UK

Residents of the UK are so inundated with news from major sources that they often fail to realise that there are excellent news outlets which cater to specific needs. One prime example is found at The great aspect of this news outlet is that it provides news coverage from all of the major sources found within the UK. Residents of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, will have little trouble finding the information which is pertinent to their given region. This website features major news publications from all of these locations, and the best part is that it is free.

The Independent is another free UK-based news organisation. This news source is found online as well, and it offers comprehensive coverage of more serious issues, as well as entertainment. After all, sometimes it is nice to read positive articles, as opposed to articles which constantly focus on economic collapse and war. Currently, the World Cup games dominate the headlines for this free news source, so anyone who has a vested interest in sports should visit. Each of these free news sources provides excellent opportunities to learn about community issues, as well as issues which affect other regions throughout the world.